Triple Crown Safe Starch NSC 9.9%

Fiona Paton

Dear Group, I asked a question about the NSC percentage via the Tractor Supply website and received this reply:

"Below are the carbohydrate estimates. This information is also available on each product page on the Triple Crown website, in the "Additional Information" section below the product reviews. CARBOHYDRATE ESTIMATES WSC - 8.1% ESC - 4.5% Starch - 1.8% Starch & ESC - 6.3% Estimated NSC - 9.9%"

This is slightly less than Triple Crown Lite; however the fat is somewhat higher in Safe Starch (6% versus 3% in the Lite). 

I apologize if I am repeating information already available on the board. When I searched for Safe Starch, most of the posts that came up were from 2006. I'm interested to hear the opinions of the more expert members of this group as to using Safe Starch for a laminitic/metabolic horse.

Fiona Paton
NY 2022

Lesley Bludworth

Fiona, I think the issue is that they are estimated starch and sugar levels and not guaranteed levels.   I read someone had them tested once and they were no where near the listed levels. The safe feeds list has foods with guaranteed levels of starch/sugar.
Lesley Bludworth 
Phoenix, AZ   7/2022
Sophie TWH mare

Sherry Morse

Hi Fiona,

You can find actual tests of Safe Starch in the files section of the group.  As they are not guaranteed to be below 10% ESC+starch and the fat level is higher than our guidelines we do not recommend feeding them to an IR/PPID horse.  There are many, many posts about Safe Starch that are more recent than 2006 - you want to do a search by entering "safe starch" -  That search provides 1515 messages including yours from this morning.

Chris Hanson

I did personally buy a bag that had  small handful sized wads of molasses throughout. It was in the other bags on the pallet and the feed store sent the whole load back.
Chris H in CA 2021