No "add photo" button for my album


Hi, Joy.
I think there was a permissions issue with your photo album, which I changed. Please try again.
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HI again,

I was just trying to add some updated photos to my album and the add photos button isn't appearing.  

I went to the member manual and found a note about this (copied below), but none of the situations apply.  All existing photos are under 100 mb.  I'm definitely allowed to add photos to the album.  Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated.


  • If the Add Photos button is not available, then one of these situations applies:
  • The group has reached its storage limit.
  • The album’s owner does not allow other members to add photos to the album.
  • Members are not allowed to add photos to the group.
  • The size limit for an uploaded photo is:
  • 100MB in legacy Basic groups
  • 500MB in Premium and Enterprise groups
Joy and Emmy
WI, Feb 2019