Falki's Recent Blood Work - September 2022

Connie Proceviat

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I need to update Falki's case history which I hope to do shortly.

We received his recent analysis from sample collected Sept 6, 2022. His insulin (although still high) has decreased significantly at 516 (<300) vs. 1435+ on June 7, 2022. He's been on Metformin since August 6, 2022 so basically 1 month at time of blood draw. I am thinking we'll just continue as we are with the Metformin. Can we wait to retest in spring or should it be earlier?
His ACTH results are good at 3.3 (2-10) on 2 mg. compounded pergolide started end of June vs. 5.1 on June 7, 2022 on 1 mg.

Glucose on Sept 6, 2022 is 5.0 (3.7-6.7) vs. 5.7 on June 7, 2022.

I'd also like to start him on J-herb and L-car for cold weather but not sure at what dose to start since he's basically been eating free choice hay since starting the Metformin.

Recommendations would be appreciated.

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Connie Proceviat
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

He is still very close to the insulin level for acute laminitis. What is his pain level now?

Other labs look good but cold will soon be a major factor  J-herb can help with that (see the files). ALCar is for chronic neuropathic pain.

The factors you are missing here are trim (need photos), plus wrapping legs and putting hooves inside boots with socks on them.
Eleanor in PA

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