kylie evans

I am moving my horses and they have been out on a grass free track system, now they are moving to a set up which has a barn, hard standing yard and a field, 
I have made a track system in the field but obviously  grass, the grass is meadow grass but is very lush from the autumn flush, I will be limiting the time spent on the grass - starting with 10 minutes a day with muzzles and working up slowly!!!
my options are to leave the grass lush and medium length
or I can put sheep on it to eat it down before I put the horses out, but will it be short, sugary, stressed grass and worse for them??

my horses mild EMS -
our pony - PPID has had laminitis with old owner.

what do people suggest?


K Evans 
Uk 2022 

Sherry Morse

Completely closed muzzles are the only truly safe option for putting an IR horse out on grass.  Anything else is inviting disaster in our experience.  Having a case history and current bloodwork results can help with other advice but since we don't have that the answer is 'no grass'.  They can be out up to 4- 6 hours without grass as they can still drink with a closed muzzle.