Sept 15 bloodwork


Hi Sherry, 
Insulin is 30.04 and glucose is 95. She was prescribed Thyro-L in June 2021; the vet I had at the time said it would jump start her weight loss. That vet visit was because Bella had been turned out in a new field while I was out of town - it had a type of automatic waterer that she hadn't used before, she didn't drink, the temps were mid 90s with high humidity, no shade, and I found her panting when I found her in the field (We are at a new barn). I didn't know at the time Thyro-L was likely a stop-gap measure and learned last fall that it is prescribed for overweight horses and not necessarily to address thyroid issues. At the time, Bella weighed 1050 and now she is 960, but needs to lose more although her crest is much diminished and she is walking with confidence. I wondered all summer about the Thyro-L but was so consumed with other parts of her diet and soaking hay that I'm just getting around to revisiting this now.  The first sign of laminitis and founder was May 23rd. 
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Stephanie in Maryland 2022 

Sherry Morse

That insulin may be in what the vet would consider a normal range but it's not low enough for an IR horse where we'd like to see insulin below 20.  At 14.2 Bella's ideal weight is probably about 900lbs but may be a bit more or less depending on body type.  If you could post current pictures we could help you with that estimate.  A 6 on the BCS scale (as you have in your CH) is in line with that estimate though.  Given that her thyroid bloodwork shows no issues I'd be inclined to wean her off the Thryo-L (which you need to do very slowly) and see how she does.  Her insulin is not in the danger zone of laminitis and may come down more with continued weight loss and getting her ACTH level lower.

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