Meadowlite pellets from Lakin

Kirsten Rasmussen

I'll add that Mad Barn does not test all the supplements listed in their feed database, and instead relies on numbers provided by the feed company.

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Cindy, Mad Barn has these pellets listed at 9.3% S/S, sugar at 6.2 and starch at 3.1. I do not know how reliable or consistent those numbers are as the pellets are not guaranteed.               Meadow Lite Horse Pellets (Lakin Milling Company) - Equine Nutrition Analysis | Feed Bank (

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We have moved to Prescott, AZ from Washington state.  I had bought from one farmer the last 24 yrs a very consistent low sugar&starch orchard grass hay.  My three morgans are, of course, insular resist and one has PPID.  So, has anyone had the Meadowlite pellets from Lakin analyzed?  They are supposed to be low s/s from the company website.