X Ray please review and hoof pictures

Kirsten Rasmussen

I agree with Sherry, the trim needs a lot of work before he should be started with ridden work.  You could look into having hoof markups done to guide your farrier.   Here's the instructions:
Once you have everything in place, start a New Topic titled: Requesting Markups

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Sherry Morse

Please read the exercise section of your welcome letter - Re: New member (groups.io).  We do not recommend riding a post laminitic horse until they have had a chance to grow out most of a new hoof (about 9 months on average).  I would not be pushing this horse to trot as you're only 6 months out from a laminitic event and the trim is need of a lot of correction still.  


Hi, apologizes for not having the link. I believe I have it correct now.

Bailey present with laminitis late Dec 2021, it resolved but came back again in March and resolved at beginning of April.
In June he was sore on front left only, I believe it was an abscess, although farrier did not see anything. It resolved within 7 days or so.
X-rays done Sept 22nd and trim completed Sept 6th

I have began to ride him at the walk only for about 20mins. He seems to do ok and doesn't appear to be sore later on or next day.

My question is - is it ok to ride him at trot ? and can I start lunging him ?

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