Management questions re: recent lameness

Patty Lee

I’ve been asked to put Inky on Equioxx, which I started ~ 9/21/22.   He became lame in August after an incident where his RF hoof crumbled at the toe with the stomping from flies.  Xrays of his RF didn’t really show a clear cause for the lameness other than possibly arthritis.  He also has a club foot and ring bone in that RF.  So he’s been resting for 6 weeks, and has shown improvement and we are to progress to ride/walk 3x/week 15-20 min/session. 


I’d prefer he not take the Equioxx for an extended period of time, yet the vet is recommending he stay on it through the winter.   I also planned to re-test his ACTH, glucose and insulin, since his Pergolide dose was changed, and the vet insisted that, because of the seasonal rise, it would not be useful unless a TRH stim. test was done.   Please let me know what your opinion is about this. 


I was thinking of starting him on Original Joint Pellets by Equithrive.  Do you think that’s a good idea and if so, should I wean him off the Equinox?--

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Sherry Morse

Hi Patty,

Since you already have a diagnosis of PPID AND Inky is on pergolide there's no point in doing the TRH stim test, particularly at this time of year when it is unreliable.  If you want to know if the current dose of pergolide is working for him during the seasonal rise you can test now to get sort of an idea, or you can just wait to test until early spring since we're now a month past the peak.