Feed through dewormer?


Hi, Jen.
Would you please add a specific link to Bella's CH folder with her CH in it? The link in your signature doesn't show any CH for Bella. I'd be happy to help you straighten out your CH folders. Please send me a Private Message and we'll work on getting your folders straightened out.

Did you read through the file on Deworming?

What is your usual deworming routine, IOW what dewormers do you use and how often?

Horsekeeping has a lot of guidance on deworming, including Guidelines. https://ecir.groups.io/g/Horsekeeping/files/Deworming%20Guidelines%20Update.pdf

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Hi friends -

Our boarding barn does required fecal counts every 6 mos. My PPID mare Bella is a high/medium shedder (she always tests high/medium). 

Our barn manager mentioned that feed through dewormer may be a possibility. Has anyone used anything like this, and know of a brand safe for PPID horses? 

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