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I’ve uploaded 2 hay analysis to Schimpie’s photo album…one is of my local grass hay that I’ve been feeding for several months now soaking , and the other is new low sugar that my supplier just got in …can Dr Kellon or someone have a look at these and tell me if there’s anything that I could or should add to balance it out ? Or perhaps a different balancer all together might be better ??…reminder that I use Vermont Blend as my mineral balancer along with flax , vitamin e, and some Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance Cubes and also a handful of Nuzu Stabul One or Hygain Zero to carry the supplements 
Michele Goldberg 
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Hi, Michele.
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Nancy C

Hi Michelle

I took a quick look. I am having difficult reading them. Both of these hays have inverted or nearly inverted Calcium and Phosphorous. You need a lot of calcium, if I am reading correctly.

The first hay

...I believe is showing 367 ppm of iron which is very high.

It is going to be very hard for any "balancer" to balance these.
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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Michele,

You might be able to shake or rinse a lot of the iron off the new hay, it's likely some of that high iron is from dirt.  It's certainly better than what you are currently feeding in terms of ESC and starch, and the Ca:P ratio is better, too, although as Nancy indicated you might need a custom mineral mix for it to balance it properly.  Custom mixes are not a big deal.  Mad Barn and Horse Tech(?) are 2 companies I know of that will do them.  If you decide to go with it, contact an approved hay balancer on our list in the Files under 6 - Diet Balancing to get their recommendations for this hay.

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