Kat new Cushing disease diagnosis and some quick questions

Sherry Morse


Hey team.  so much to share but quick version is my 20 Trakehner gelding started presenting signs of RF lameness mid august and with alot of conflicting information we finally now know he is in fact positive for cushings (not sure about IR but will test for that) .  His x-rays on sept 14th were good.  started him on prascend sept 10th given the positive test results but was told it could be a seasonal false positive so didn't change his diet. despite the results at this point we thought we were dealing with an abscess but in hind sight it wasn't that.  Laminitis set in oct 10th.  and his xrays on oct 21st showed 7 1/2 degree of rotation LF and 3-4 degree rotations RF.   he is currently off all grain, using only "haygain" hay and still getting some beet pulp (no molasses).  we also have him on 1/2 gm bute (am/pm) down from 1 gm am/pm as he is walking better now.  we are continuing the  10 gabapentin pills am/pm and ulcerguard (30 mins before feeding).  we re xrayed yesrterday and there has been no further rotation.  I am so overwelmed with the all information and disinformation that I am taking control to educate myself.  A friend pointed me to you guys and I have literally spent hours since yesterday at 4 pm orientating/educating myself.  

I updated to Kat case history, everything I know so far and just waiting to get all the xrays and original test results to upload.

I checked and we have 3 types of hay currently (no of it tested).  I bought a bag of hygain zero for when kat eventually goes back on grain but now see that's probably not the way to go so will return it.  wondering if using a haygain machine actually helps with the S&S levels or if I need to manually soak.  I am also not sure about the added minerals ... but think I need to test the hay first to see what he is missing.  I am in SC (50 mins from greenville) and not sure where to get the hay tested.  any suggestions welcome for both navigating this forum and where to go next.  

Carolyn, SC, 2022/10/27