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Hi Angela, as far as your question about Stabul 1. You may be thinking of a post by someone whose horse had trouble with Stabul 1 because they needed a lower s/s level to be safe. Stabul 1 is ok for many horses here, but there are some horses that need their hay, and any other feed, to be a pretty low s/s percentage.
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Kirsten, Trisha, Linda and Bobbie thank you for answering my questions!  I appreciate all the boot recommendations.  Next time I will ask a question like that one in Housekeeping. 

I thought I read about the Stubul 1 in one of these messages here in the group but I could be wrong.  I am trying to learn as much as possible to help Gracie so I read a lot of these messages.  I don't know the exact one or how I would find it.    If got the information wrong I am sorry.  

Thank you all for your help!


Angela B
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Kirsten Rasmussen

1. I am a big fan of Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultras.  I've tried Cavellos, Scoots, and Flexboots.  The EF boots keep sand/gravel out and do not come off no matter how crazy playtime gets.  The upper is soft and flexible, the sole is thick and flexible.  There's lots more discussion on hoof boots in Horsekeeping.

2. If she gets her hay right after meds I doubt there will be much effect on her insulin, especially as Stabul 1 is generally fine in small amounts.

3. A good time for baselines is the spring vet check, but I also like checking in the fall to look for unusually high ACTH (early PPID) and to see how they are doing on the new hay in my barn.

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Bobbie Day

Angela, like Trisha I would be interested in knowing your source for the Stabul one claim?
We want to be careful about the information we share, can you provide more information?
My little mare did really well in Equine fusions for excercise.

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Starshine Ranch

Hi Angela,  Check out Scoot Boots.  I just got some this summer and my horse (and I!) just love them.  From Australia, $200., with free shipping, order online and the gals there are amazingly helpful.  They are like sandals for horses and super easy to put on and off AND they stay on through walking, trotting, gaiting, cantering and galloping.  Just google Scoot Boots.
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Trisha DePietro

Hi Angela- Where did you read that Stabul 1 "spikes insulin and it doesn't go down for a long time?"  There are alot of boots on the market. I see lots of people like the Cavallo's, and of course every horse is different. Will you still be using a pad inside the boots, if yes, some brands are better than others with fit when extra items are in the boot.  I set up a camera in my barn and watched my "fast eater" at night and she actually stood around alot, laid down some, and nibbled here and there. She didn't blow through the hay like she did during the day...Have you tried 1/2 inch nets at night time? That may slow her down for a few hours. Not sure about the best month to test-- I know that temperatures, activity, time of day can influence results. And I would avoid the Fall season as this can give elevated results that maybe higher than other seasons of the year. That time frame is Mid July to November....Hope this helps
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Hi Everyone,

Gracie has been doing well.  She moves around nicely and even trots.  Here are some questions you could answer for me please.

!.  Gracie wears Soft Ride boots 24/7.  I am wondering if there is a boot this group recommends that is better for exercising in?  The Soft Rides are great for walking and standing around but for trotting not so much.

2. I feed Gracie 4 times a day in a 1 and a 1/4 inch hay net.  The last feeding is at 8:30 pm.  She's a very fast eater, even with a hay net so i know she goes more than 6 hours without food.  In the mornings Gracie gets Stabul 1 for her medication and supplements and then soaked hay.  I was reading that Stabul 1 spikes the insulin and it doesn't go down for a long time.  Is it better to feed the hay first so she has something in her stomach before I giving the Stubul 1 or does it not matter?

3.  What is the best month to get a baseline on a horse's blood?  I have other horses and am thinking of getting a baseline on them. 
Thank you for all your help and support!!

Angela B
Cave Creek Arizona 20222