Touch sensitivity

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Sensitivity to touch is common in any horse that does not feel well; not specific to EMS.
Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001
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Nancy & Dot

In my first week being part of the group I read a tremendous amount of helpful information that was totally new to me, despite the fact that my horse has been PPID and EMS for 6 years.  I thought I had read that sensitivity to touch along the sides or flanks was a sign of EMS, but now I can not find anything in my searches.  Can someone verify if I am remembering this correctly?

Now I keep copies and links of all relevant information in my personal files, but that first week I did not realize how much there was to learn.  Thank you all for you patience and guidance.  I may not have responded to your messages, but that is because I have put all suggestions in place and am waiting for new blood work and x-rays at the proper time.
Nancy O, Colorado, 2022