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Sherry Morse

The correct dose is the one that controls the PPID. If he is at 30 on 1mg he's not doing badly on that dose and might be fine on that for a while, you will need to discuss that with your vet.  When you compound they can do varying dosages (ie: equivalent of 1.5mg of Prascend) in a capsule.

LJ Friedman

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Nancy & Dot

Dot has been on BL’s Prascend for 6 years, 1mg/day, ACTH pretty steady in the low 20’s with 2 exceptions in 2.5 years.  In that time I have worked with 3 vets and none of them have ever suggested an increase in dose.  His recent ACTH taken on 9/29 was 30.  I expect the vet to increase the dose to 1.5 mg when he is out next week.  Dot is at a boarding facility staffed by laborers, not horse people.  They struggle to remember to give him the single pill now.  I have no expectation that he would get 1.5 pills, or that they would keep the other half securely wrapped.  Therefore it makes more sense to switch to a compounding provider.  It sounds like capsules would work best since I am there several days a week and can leave small quantities.  

I see it available on at many dosages.  Also saw a recent post about Wedgewood Pharmacy but I can’t view their dose options on their website.  Are there more compounding pharmacies that I should consider?  

At 1.5 mg, a compounded dose (x1.3) would be 1.95, which I doubt is available in a capsule.  Would 2 mg be too much?  

Anything else I should be considering?
Nancy O, Colorado, 2022