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Hi, Stephanie.
There is no reliable chart for converting volume (¼ cup of teff pellets) to weight (grams). A kitchen scale used as Dawn described is the cheapest way. With repeated use, you'll learn approximately how many grams of ground flax are in a packed ¾ measuring cup or how many grams of salt are in a tablespoon. I still use two scales I bought 10 years ago.

You can find many online conversion websites to convert English measurements to metric or vice versa. You must be comparing the weight to weight or volume to volume. Here is one converter that you can use to convert, for example, grams to ounces or kilograms to pounds:

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Thank you so much!

Stephanie in Maryland 2022


I bought a gram kitchen scale from Amazon a while ago and love it. Easy to use, inexpensive (I think it was $30) and you will be astounded how many supplements tell you to use the enclosed measuring scoop and feed , for example, 1 scoop -15 grams. When you actually weigh the scoop, tare it, then weigh the scoop full of product, it will not weigh 15 grams. There are only so many plastic scoops being manufactured and the supplement companies will toss one in that seems close to their measurement. Horse Tech will at least quantify it by saying "slightly more than a scoop, or 3/4 of a scoop" but to get the appropriate amount in your horse and not waste expensive supplements, you should weigh it yourself on a gram kitchen scale and mark your scoop.
Feed is no different. A canning scale from the hardware store works great. Weigh the scoop, coffee can, etc. then add in feed until you hit the pound mark. Everything weighs different and accurate measures can make a difference in your horse's weight and health.
--Amazon.com: Etekcity Luminary 22lb Food Kitchen Digital Scale for Weight Loss, IPX6 Waterproof, Rechargeable, Ounces and Grams for Cooking Baking, 0.05oz/1g Precise Graduation, 304 Stainless Steel: Home & Kitchen

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Before this goes too far please do a search of the archives and check Horsekeeping as well. Generally speaking if you are feeding by weight you will need a kitchen scale to make sure you are using the correct weight of an item.  If you are feeding by volume you can stick to tsps, cups and so on.


Hi - I've searched for this, but may I please have clarification - to weigh supplements I need to buy a kitchen scale? I'm using measuring spoons and understand one tablespoon of flax weighs differently than one tablespoon of iodized salt, but what is the easiest way please? Do I just use a conversion chart for 1/4 cup of Teff pellets to grams? 
Thank you. 
Stephanie in Maryland 2022