Island Pharmacy Compounding Contact

Starshine Ranch

Dr Kellon, In case you didn't receive this info, I just switched to Precision Pharmacy in LA area and the head pharmacist is Christina.
The # there is (661) 377-3333 or (877) 734-3333 and her direct # is (877) 734-3338
Linda in Grass Valley, CA  2020  Midnight and Ostara

Lorna Cane

A message recently made me concerned that I have been offering incorrect advice about a contact person, at Island Pharmacy,for  compounded Pergolide. I always have said to ask for Kathryn because she has helped me over a couple of decades, but not for several years since I have lost my PPID boys . Another contact person is Anna, whom I did not know.
I asked Kathryn,just to be sure that I was not misleading members wanting to call Island. See below.
 ISLAND PHARMACY, Shawnigan Lake, B.C.,

 TOLL FREE: 1-877-743-6944.
  LOCAL : 1-250-743-6977

 Ask for Kathryn or Anna.

According to Kathryn  :
"A “pharmacist” contact would be Anna…. Everything to do with how Pergolide works in the body and interactions and talking with Vets is her expertise!
I am a compounder, how the product is made, stability, hands on working with Animals, ideas to getting animals to take medications, what sort of things to watch for when starting or changing doses… that’s what I do.
Either of us can help, and we would direct people to each other depending on what is needed.

1-877-743-6944 is our toll free number.
The other one....1-250-743-6977.... is our local or pay long distance number. Both work! "

NOTE: In November,2010, Island Pharmacy ( then known as Shawnigan Lake People's Pharmacy ), B.C., sent 15 capsules from 2 lots of Pergolide Mesylate powder, to the lab for analysis, covering the powder that had been used over the last 6 months. They also sent both new and old capsules (capsulated for 3 months) The lab results said they were stable and compounded 1mg Pergolide Mesylate capsules with a measured 0.949mg/cap which is where the USP guidelines says it should be for compounded medication.

Hoping to update this in our Files as well.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario