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Valletta Lochridge

Just wanted to share that I spoke with Keith, Pharmacist at Avrio in AZ, about quality.  I had reached out to him after a shipping problem (that he made 100% right) back when quality of compounded pergolide was a hot topic of conversation in the group.  At that time, he resolved my issue and set my mind at ease about quality control.  He called me back yesterday (unsolicited by me) to let me know that a quality test was performed on 11/2/22.  The sample tested was compounded in June (so over 4 months of storage) and was found to be at 98%.

I'm encouraged by this result, by Avrio's good service record with my needs and by Keith's diligence at looking into this groups' concerns.  I believe that I saw that Nancy was taking on speaking with pharmacists regarding compounded pergolide quality..... If so, Keith would be your contact for Avrio in AZ.
Valletta in CA

Nancy C

Thanks for capturing and reporting out that info, Valletta.

Glad it is working for you.
Nancy C in NH
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Deb Walker

Interesting Valetta. Thank you for sharing. I have yet to hear if the pharmacist at Mix Lab was contacted as he was very eager to share information with this group. I was with Avrio until their pricing skyrocketed.
Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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