Ferritin level


I once had some hay that tested very high iron and found out that it was a low lying field that sometimes would get flooded by the creek that ran near it.  That would be one thing to keep an eye out for.   
Also, on any day that you can't rinse it, vigorous shaking can reduce the iron a bit.

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Dr. Kellon said I need to report all three levels from the KSU Iron Panel.
Results of Tara's KSU Iron Panel: Iron 163 ug/dL
                                                      Total Iron Binding Capacity: 453 ug/dL
                                                      Ferritin:946 ng/ml
I will start rinsing her hay more aggressively from now on. Anything else I can do besides hope to buy hay this year that is lower in iron?
Thank you for all of your help and advice.

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