Xrays up... and I'm feeling blue


Well, this was a voice out of the past. I was going thru and deleting old posts I found in my drafts mailbox and must have hit the wrong thing and sent it. Sorry about that.
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Hi Griffin,
I just got in from doing midnight hay, the last feed of the day.  Maxine makes some good points.  Most of us have gone thru the how could I have let this happen and what can I do now, stage.  Try to take it one day at a time, putting what you learn here into practice.  
Horses are amazing.  

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I can't sleep (1130 pm ET) - just too much going through my head.

Did I fail him in some way the last year and half for this to develop or was it already there?

How can I in good conscious ask him to become something that will put so much stress on the hooves and soft tissue?  Googling sidebone has not left me feeling warm and fuzzy about his future riding capabilities along with the laminitis part of it.

- Griffin

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