Updated photo album with x-rays and hoof pics and we had our first trim.

Cathy and Teddy


Teddy is doing very well and is off his pain meds. He is still in his stall 24/7 at the vets request. The farrier came yesterday and did his first trim after his diagnoses on the 2022/11/02. My farrier spoke to my vet before the trim and he wanted to take some heel off but the vet didn't want him to do this. From all I have read taking the heel off is something that needs to be done.
My farrier is coming back in two weeks for another trim, he did say that my vet wants to repeat the x-rays in two weeks at the next trim.

Will we see a difference in two weeks? And should I request that my farrier treat Teddy the way he thinks regarding the heels?
I have also added a photo of his left front hoof which I have noticed now has a hole in it. Could this be the air bubble that can be seen on the x-rays? and should I be doing something extra to care for it?

I know I need a couple more hoof photos but t isn't easy getting good photos on my own.
Cathy in NSW,  2022

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Kirsten Rasmussen

Your farrier is right and the heels need to come down a bit to straighten out the bony column alignment that is apparent in the xrays.  This would be a de-rotating trim.  Most horses here do not need heels lowered, but Teddy actually does.  I would try to do that before the next xrays.

Yes, that hole is an old abscess track.  It will grow out and, no, you don't need to do anything special to care for it.

If you'd like markups to guide your farrier in the heel lowering and in bringing back the toes more:

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