Lavinia - any advice for upcoming first trim since laminitis


Lavinia.  Kat came down with laminitis oct 10th (ish).  Prior to that we thought he might have a high suspensory as he had been “off” since late aug early sept.  At the time of the laminitis flare he had front shoes on (which he has has had on for a number of years given we climate in SC and his front hoofs flaking in the wet pasture). Prior to moving to SC he was barefoot for 8 years of his retirement in NY.   We of course couldn’t touch his feet during the laminitis flat up so he is going on 7 weeks and in need of a trim.  Our farrier (who actually found this forum for me) is coming out next thursday.  Martha has recommended removing the shoes and more frequent trimming.  I agree with her but might have difficulty getting our farrier out on that regular a basis as he live 1.5 hours away.  Heard some folks learned to DIY.  Kind of scares me but always willing to learn.  All guidance welcome.  Photos of hoofs and rads in photo link below.
Carolyn, SC, oct 2022

Kim Leitch

Hi Carolyn, not Lavinia, but she will answer you soon. I had to learn how to trim my own horses, and I was scared to death. This group held my hand through it. I’m 70 with a bad back and arthritic thumbs, but I trim three horses between farrier visits. First thing, get a good hoof stand and a good rasp. These two websites are a wealth of information:


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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Carolyn,

I had to learn to trim, too, out of necessity.  It was very intimidating to rasp a hoof.  If you're just doing touchups between farrier visits, that's a good place to start learning because you won't have to do as much.  I advise taking the full round of hoof photos then starting a new topic asking Lavinia for markups.  You can use her markups as a guide for both you and your farrier to follow for many months to come. 

Take a look here for advice on how to better take and label photos for markups.  Some of your images aren't lined up properly and some views are missing.  We also strongly recommend including photos of hinds as more often than not they need adjustments, too.

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