Charting progress can be graphic...

Sharon Bice

Thank you so much for sharing this, Joy! Very organized and that can make this feel all the more simpler. Happy Holidays to you and Emmy! 
Sharon Bice
December 2020    Sandia Park, New Mexico

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Kandace Krause

Thank you Joy
What a wonderful idea and I am hoping I can show it to my vet, who is getting more and more patients with PPID and, since I was her first known case, she is learning what I share from here.  Like you, I was guilty of hiding an increase from vet that was recommended by Dr. Kellon.  

Good job to you and everyine else sharing the ideas and information that they have.
Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

Kirsten Rasmussen

What a great idea, I will do the same for Shaku!  Thank you for sharing, Joy, Emmy is lucky you care so much.

Kirsten and Shaku (EMS + PPID) and Snickers (EMS) - 2019
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Hi Joy,
I did the same thing with a spreadsheet which included all the ACTH, glucose & insulin results, glucose/insulin ratio, Pergolide dose and pre-test meal. It was an easy way to compare everything from one year to the next.
Jennifer in Middle TN  2010
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Hi Joy,

Thank you so much for creating this chart and sharing it!  A great tool to add to the education of our vets. I applaud your diligence in helping your girl reach her current state of health. You've done a wonderful job. So encouraging and inspirational!
Beavercreek, Ohio
March 2018
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Joy V

Hi Joy,

That chart is awesome.  What a great illustration for people (ahem, vets) resistant to increasing the pergolide dosage.  I'm so happy for you and her that you've been able to get her ACTH lowered so much.  Just wonderful!!

Great job.


Joy and Willie (EC/IR)
Nevada County, CA - 2019
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Bobbie Day

Amazing Joy, I can see the difference in her from when you brought her home. She’s beautiful and looks like she’s comfortable and content.
Great job. And a great idea👍

Bobbie and Maggie 
Desi (over the rainbow bridge 7/21) 
Utah, Nov 2018
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Emmy, thank you a million times for that chart. I don't think we can overstate how much a chart like that, with data points, can really help those of us with resistant vets see what the real results are when horses are appropriately dosed. 
Tipperary was on 13 mgs. of compounded pergolide when he passed on at age 26. His ACTH was in the 20's and was the lowest it had ever been.  I will be printing out this chart with your permission and keeping it for any upcoming discussions of increasing either of my mares pergolide over 2mgs.

Dawn Wagstaff and Tipperary   

Saline, MI  2003

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Just wanted to share something good that I hope will encourage others on this forum.

I made a graph of our pergolide use and ACTH tests since Emmy and I started our journey with this group 4 years ago.  I'm not good at making charts, so it may not be the greatest, but I'm a visual learner so it helps me see our progress and pitfalls.  If you're interested just click on my Album link below to see it.  There's a little story of our journey there too in the description.

Many thanks for all the help and to all the helpers with this group who took this completely clueless, novice horse owner and made her into an informed, confident horse owner.  What seemed so overwhelming and frustrating at first is now part of our routine and I'm so thankful to have found this group and I think Emmy is too.  Our new vet, who met Emmy for the first time this fall, commented...  "That's one good-looking Cushing's horse".  I think we can ALL be proud.

Here's hoping for many more years to come with Emmy and ECIR.
Joy and Emmy
WI, Feb 2019