Weight gain


Junior,  20 year old arab was diagnosed with cushings and IR about 8 years ago. I developed a file at that time and probably need to redo that, but everything has been going so well. Thanks to this group we have stayed sound. He is tested every spring thru Cornell and we are doing well. He is fed Grass hay and Timothy cubes, supplemented with vit E, Smart Earth Camelina. He is on a dry lot. He gets Compounded pergoloide 1.4 thru Wedgewood. My vet was just here for fall shots and said Jr needs to gain 50 pounds. How do I do that? He recommended introducing a fat supplement, corn oil if he would ear it or Amplify, or Empower? 
I dont want to do anything that will take us off track. 

Thank you so much for all you do, I follow your posts everyday.
Beverly Jurinek
Mokena, Illinois 

Sherry Morse

Hi Beverly,

Without a case history we can't advise you on this at all other than to note that high fat is not recommended for any horse, particularly one with IR.