early PPID and seizures?

Lorna Cane

Hi Kerry,

Try an archive search. We have discussed this at various times.
Here for example,but there are more. Maybe there is something more specific to your friend's horse.

Lorna in Eastern Ontario


Hi group,

Has there been any reports of seizure activity as a presenting sign of PPID?  A friend's 15yo TB has had three generalized seizures in the past year, normal neuro exam, normal CBC/Chem and skull rads, ACTH/CSF/EPM pending.  Horse is the very picture of health.  Obviously severe hypertrophy or neoplasia may cause seizures by mere bulk in advanced cases, but has there been any evidence of seizures as an early sequela of PPID without any other physical signs?  Asking bc my dear friend is devastated in accepting her beloved, relatively young, horse may not be safe to ride without a known cause of the seizures.  

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014