Mold levels on an Equi-Analytical test results

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

What is the moisture content of the hay? I agree it's questionable, at best, right now but if it is over 10  - 13% moisture it's just going to get worse.

You should also buy a bale and evaluate it physically. Does it send up a cloud when you break open the flakes?  Does it smell fresh or is it musty?
Eleanor in PA 
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My neighbor and I are looking at buying hay that had been rained on, then dried in the field before baling.  She sent in a sample for testing at Equi-Analytical.  The test shows a mold count of  cfu/g 9,700,000", (as fed).   Is this not good?   We don't think so, but we'd like some input on this.  The ESC/starch is 5.5% and protein is 10.5.  My neighbor said she was told that 1,000,000 cfu/g is at the bottom of "fairly safe".  She had a custom test done, so I'm thinking that's by wet chem?
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