Arthritis in IR Fell Pony

Bobbie Day

We don’t recommend any type of NASIDS here long term. If you look in the files there’s tons of information.
Other options are Devils Claw, Phyto-Quench (pellets).
Nothing containing Yucca.
If she’s been on it for awhile you’ll need to taper off.
You probably (also) know we don’t recommend alfalfa.
Theres other options in the safe feeds folder.


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Utah, Nov 2018
ECIR Group Primary Response

cathi cline

After an absence of over 10 years I am once again asking for help.

I joined this group when my first Fell Pony (R.I.P) was diagnosed as IR by my farrier. I knew NOTHING about IR or laminitis. With the help of this group I now feel comfortable handling the maintenance of an IR horse.

I have my third Fell pony. Ellie is a 20 year old Fell Pony mare. I purchased her in August 2021 after the death of my first Fell pony due to colic.

I have followed the ECIR protocol ie. Diagnosis Diet Exercise and Hoof Care with Ellie since her arrival.

Her latest Cornell bloodwork results
Glucose 82
Insulin (non-fasting) 19
Leptin 19.5
ACTH 12.5

Her diet:
12# Orchard Grass hay fed in small hole haynet or Porta-Grazer
6.8 sugar
.9 Starch
5.5 protein
Uckele Grass Vit/min supp
2oz plain white salt
3 oz Purina Alfalfa pellets
20gms Tri-Amino protein supp
60 gm Smartpak Senior joint supp

She also gets 4 oz Uckele Tasti-Bites beet pulp treats daily (est)

She is barefoot and trimmed every 8-9 weeks

She has recently been put back into work as a pleasure driving horse. Currently being worked 45 min 3X a week 90% walk/10% trot (jog) This will be increased as her fitness improves. She is currently a 7 on Body Condition scale.

She is in a large dry lot turn-out with one other horse. During inclement weather she is in a 12’ X 24’ roofed metal pipe pen.

Now for my question:

Ellie has been intermittently uneven when moving at a trot since I purchased her. Some days, until recently, she was sound. Other days she would limp at a jog. Walk has not shown unsoundness.

In July 2022 when her limping became more frequent, she was evaluated by the vet. Conjecture was arthritis in L shoulder, although it is hard to pinpoint a consistent locus as she is generally stiff and short-strides until walked for 10-15 minutes.

The vet and Ellie’s trainer feel the trot unevenness/limping will be improved as she gradually loses weight and increases her work time.

She also was prescribed daily 1/4 57mg tab of Equioxx. After 3months I had a chem panel drawn which showed both kidney and liver values WNL.

I can’t see any change in Ellie’s pain level when worked on this dose of NSAID. I am hesitant in upping the dose due to possible hepatic and renal side effects.

So I’m looking for suggestions as to alternative changes I could make to treat her pain.

I’m also going to need help with entering her history in the new database as the last time I did this was over a decade ago :-)

Thank-you for your unending effort to help keep our horses healthy. Your knowledge, kindness and support are greatly appreciated.

Cathi Cline
Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA