Stabul Fenugreek


Hi mule stopped eating her Stabul Fenugreek AND her regular hay when she developed ulcers.  After diagnosis....I switched to a different Stabul and a different hay for a couple weeks while she was being treated for her ulcers.  After that she willingly ate her normal diet again. Almost seemed like she thought her former diet was causing the pain...Once the pain was gone she happily ate the fenugreek and her regular hay.  So you may want to just hang on to those bags of fenugreek for a bit. 
Alice A
March 2021, Custer, SD 
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Kelly Kathleen Daughtry

My mare developed ulcers and will no longer eat her Stabul  Fenugreek. Fortunately she is now enjoying Stabul Pina Colada.  I have two unopened bags of the Fenugreek. If anyone lives in the area and would like them, you are welcome to them as I have no use. 
Kelly & Micah, Clayton NC

April 2016

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