ACTH and Insulin elevated

Maxine McArthur

Gisele, you can combine compounded with Prascend. I do it every day. Just remember that most compounded is less 'potent' than Prascend. One Prascend (1mg) is equivalent to 1.3mg of compounded. Or you could say that 1mg of compounded is equivalent to 0.77mg of Prascend. 

So in your case, if you were thinking of increasing her dose to 1.5mg of Prascend, but you want to switch to compounded, you would ask for a compounded capsule of 1.95mg. Personally, I'd up the difference and ask for 2mg capsules of compounded. 

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Canberra, Australia 2010
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Gisele Sassen

Thank you.  I think the vet suggested increasing by a quarter or half mg.  Is combining Prascend with compounded pergolide ok in your experience?  
Gisele & Fiona, Washington State; 06December 2010

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Sample handling is much more likely to affect ACTH than insulin. In any case, I agree she needs more pergolide. Exercise is the best way to control insulin.
Eleanor in PA 
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Gisele Sassen


My mare is on pergolide for the last 2 years and her values were good with 1 mg daily.  However, I had her tested in July 14 and then again on November 14 because her insulin had been high in July.
Juli:  ACTH 34; Glucose 58; Insulin 84
November:  ACTH 95; Glucose 97; Insulin 48
I had changed her feed in October to a grass hay with 7.2 ESC + starch

The glucose results were too low in July and my vet said that while this is likely an indication of the sample hbeing compromised, it would not effect the ACTH or Insulin results.  However, in the feed I am reading that those readings may have been compromised as well?

The vet is suggesting to inclease the pergolide.  I think that is likely needed and I would like to know what I can do about the high insulin.  I am afraid that things could get out of hand.

Gisele and Fiona (IR and PPID)
Gisele & Fiona, Washington State; 06December 2010