kat is tiring of plain beet pulp


Hey team. updated kat's case history with his nov test results, more recent near body shots and our hay analysis (came back well below 10% ESC+Starch for all 4 batches so that's great).  Kat has lost about 100 lbs based on the tape but still has a ways to go before getting into the 4/5 body condition range.  His pics are in his album url below.

I spent the day weighing his dry beet pulp (he is feed it with 11 other horses so had to work out portions etc), and his hay flakes.  I have worked out he is currently getting about 1.2% of his weight in DM (9% beet pulp soaked and drained and just over 12 lbs of hay gain hay).  He gets nothing else currently.  He is taking 1.5 mg of prascend.  his pre ACTH on nov 18th came down from 76 to 20  pg/ml with a reference range of 2-30.  while his post is still well above the reference range Dr K pointed out that both test results were  taken during the rise.

So here is my question:

Kat is getting a little board with his am/pm beet pulp.  leaving a little more uneaten everyday.  I know he still has weight to lose so not sure I should be worried.  Now that I have my hay analysis back I will use your resources indicated to balance his feed but wondering if I should be thinking of adding something for flavor or is that crazy. The other horse in our barn who had way worse laminitis in sept is getting 1/4 scoop (sorry didn't weight it) of Safe Choice special care but given the S+S is 13% I don't give it to kat.   as a reminder kat  had laminitis in october and is now walking normally and spending about 3 hours a day out in the dry lots.

Carolyn, SC, oct 2022


Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Since he still has weight to lose it's not really a big problem but to tempt eating try sprinkling 1 to 2 tablespoons of wheat germ on the top. There are many other things you could use but you can buy wheat germ easily in small amounts in any grocery store.
Eleanor in PA

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