EMS calculator results - new DX

Donna Hedicke

Another of our horses (Advent) has been diagnosed with PPID.  I plugged the numbers into the EMS calculator but am not sure how to interpret them. Can someone direct me to the interpretation and/or tell me what they mean please? No new case history has been added yet - will try this weekend. 

EMS Calculations:
G/I Ratio 3.44
RISQI Calculation 0.20
MIRG Calculation 11

All tests at Cornell but blood may not have been handled the way they prefer.  Her ACTH was 61.6 (on 2mg pergolide compounded for 2 months when tested because she had symptoms and vet couldn't come out sooner). Plan is to increase up to 3mg in 0.5 increments and retest after she is at 3 for a few weeks (and post seasonal rise).

Insulin value 25.61 ulU/mL
Glucose value 88 mg/dL

DJ Hedicke
July 2018, Southern New Mexico
Star Case History https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/DJ%20and%20Star%20-%20Charlie/Star%20Case%20History.pdf
Charlie Case History https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/DJ%20and%20Star%20-%20Charlie/Charlie%20Case%20History

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

This horse has mild insulin resistance also assuming there was no fasting. If fasted, moderate insulin resistance.
Eleanor in PA

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