cold temperature and blood work

Daisy Shepherd

scheduled insulin and glucose for  monday;  temperatures dropping high at best 39 degrees;  i am doing labs to make sure he is ok with current  pasture turnout.  cannot cancel until monday am so will be charged for late cancellation.  am asking if i should do knowing with temperatures may not be reliable,   thank you so much, daisy,tiko, whisper
Daisy, Tiko and Whisper
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

It's not that the result is unreliable. It is what it is. The issue is that it may not accurately reflect his baseline.
Eleanor in PA 
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Sharon Bice

What is the minimum outside temperature that is reliable to test in?  I was going to test this month or next but didn’t know that the weather effects the results. Thanks!
Sharon Bice
December 2020    Sandia Park, New Mexico

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Kirsten Rasmussen

Its hard to say, but we saw an increase in insulin at temps below 50 deg F in one horse.  There are probably other examples that I hope others will share.

It might be helpful for you to know your horse's insulin in colder temperatures though?

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