Request for input on Jiaogulin / AAKG for DSLD

Marianne @ Austin

Thank you Dr. Kellon-
Marianne 2009 Texas

Marianne @ Austin

Thank You Frances for laying out your progress / path with Phoenix. I am building my plan so this input/knowledge is my foundation-
Unfamiliar PEA so will research that - turmeric-yes I take it but have not given to Shadow.
Shadow is a Morgan but built taller and leaner. His fetlocks are not dropped like what I see on say a TB - almost parallel to the ground-but I am afraid we could go there.  It is the fetlocks that are swollen hard. They have become swollen in the past which in turn I had them examined by a vet I really trust/respect.  At that time he said no to DLSD. That vet left the area and my current vet is not as experienced in this area.
Shadow was tested recently for PPID but the not TRH response Dr. K listed below.  I will bring this up w/the vet.
Your comment about 2 flavors of DLSD - totally agree.     
Again thank you-will be following up-
Marianne 2009 Texas

Frances C

Hi Marianne, there are several members here who have DSLD equines that also suffer from PPID, mine own included. I have tried many pain killers over the years:
Bute - a few hours before farrier work, Did not help at all.
Equioxx - daily long term. Some slight improvement but long term use is damaging to other organs
Devil's claw - There was an improvement with DC but I was using 3 Tablespoons per day to achieve results. However my horse eventually refused even a sniff of the stuff. Other members have tried to mix DC with a liquid and syringe it in.
PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide?) is what I am currently using. It is an ultramicronized product available from Elevations Terpenes. The cost is significant at $100 for 250 grams last count. It is a powder and does not mix with water. I use a small amount of oil to mix 2 teaspoons of the powder and add it to some ground flax and put it in the bucket feed. It is supposed to be tasteless. I was doing this twice a day until last November when the dark days made it impossible. Now I just do it once daily with the addition of a 10 ml syringe full of Qunol liquid tumeric (which is 2/3 of human dose, so miniscule amount for a horse and is extremely messy).I did not see any reduction in pain levels when reducing the PEA in half. 
My horse is very fussy about what she consumes, e.g., no salt so I started giving iodine drops last October, the umPEA in November and December 1st upped her Prascend from 1.5 to 2 mg per day. She is doing much better, not sure what to attribute the improvement to.
These pain meds help with arthritis and it's difficult to determine the cause of the pain and stiffness. One vet described my horse as having scar tissue in her shoulders. Yes I do believe it is a bodywide condition and can be difficult to diagnose.
Is your horse a Peruvian Paso? with the typical dropped fetlocks? There are many Peruvians that exhibit DSLD that are not PPID. Im coming to the conclusion that there are 2 conditions called DSLD, the obvious Peruvian and the subtle condition that may be linked to PPID. Whatever the case you should get your horse tested for PPID.

- Frances C.
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Very important to test for PPID, preferably with TRH response, since degenerative tendon/ligament issues can be an early sign , . EquiOx won't do anything. DSLD is not inflammatory.  That knee arthritis isn't likely to be a factor either. You can use Devil's Claw but usually won't need it. Don't use AAKG until they quiet down. Tendon EQ is another option that is more comprehensive support . Use coupon code DSLD.
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Marianne @ Austin

Hope I have posted in the correct group.I will update diet/recent blood work to my case history and related pics.
Looking for input on working with DSLD. Shadow (EMS) has done really well over the years (24) but his rear suspensory ligaments really do look like DSLD. I have to figure how how to address pain and create support. 
Vet was out/has touched on this diagnosis before but was adamant this time (did not do ultrasounds- will need another trip).  
The vet's protocol was to start Equiox then in 30-60 days do injections front  knee (Arthramid) some Arthritis there / would possibly make him more comfortable.
Here is my dilemma- questions-seeking input.
- There seems to be some thinking that DSLD can affect connective tissue elsewhere in the body so my thinking is to treat the whole body.( sure looks like an autoimmune issue to me)  
- I think a better route would be Jiaogulin and AAKG (newer to me and learning).
- I can't to Equiox and Jiaogulin together -right? I saw a great post on here on how to back off the EQ. Shadow has only been on since 12/29/22.
- Can I do Devils Claw along w/J and AAKG? Previously had him on 9 grams per day but did not notice a big assist.
- I have to figure out how to address the pain - insight/suggestions are really appreciated.

He does not drop way down when fully loaded nor limp but he is grumpy -but  I know he is in a different mode; but it changed so slowly I just missed it.
Always appreciative for any input.
TY and hoping the New Year if kinder to us all-
Marianne 2009 Texas