Help with chanceler


Sorry I forgot to mention his name is Chanceler and I am also making something called Golden paste which is turmeric olive oil and black pepper as an anti-inflammatory which I syringe into him since he won’t eat and hard feeds. I tried making a paste with Jiaogulan  but he would hold it in his mouth then spit it out.
he did get a flu shot last month and had a severe reaction in his neck where there is still a giant knot now.
CTaylor Portugal

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi again,

We don't recommend tumeric as it can raise insulin, which you do not want right now.

Metabolic laminitis is not inflammatory.

The reaction to vaccines is not abnormal for a horse with EMS.  I'd avoid vaccinating unless you know insulin is well controlled with diet (and exercise, if he's able).  A horse that's poorly controlled can get laminitis from vaccinations, it can be the little thing that pushes them over the edge.  You can check insulin levels to confirm they're low.

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