Stabul 1 vs. Triple crown Low Starch/ and Balancer


Rani, ECIR files have one analysis of TC Low Starch.  Starch was 9.7%.  Notice that the Guaranteed Analysis given by TC excludes both ESC and Starch. Same for TC Balancer. The hints that TC Balancer might be problematic are three  ingredients: wheat middlings and rice bran (high starch) and soy meal (phytoestrogens aren't not recommended). 

If you send a sample of TC Balancer to Equi-Analytical for the Carb Pack (644), we'd be delighted to add that analysis to the Files. 
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Bobbie Day

Tina if you want to confirm one way or the other you could always send in a sample yourself to compare to their “guaranteed” analysis. I think you’ll be surprised how different it will come out. Several members have done that and have been generous enough to share their results in our files.


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Trisha DePietro

Hi Tina. Here is the list of safe balancers. 

When I looked at the Triple Crown low starch--- It had 6% fat as a it could be higher from bag to bag it will never be less than 6% and that is too high for IR horses.  The Balancer had added iron--- a Minimum of 500 at any time it could be much higher and we don't advise any additional iron added to feed. Horses don't need additional those are some reasons why those two products do not make my  safe feeds list...I am sure there are other reasons...but those are the two that jump out at me and would make me say "no" if it were my horse.-- Hope this helps. 

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Sherry Morse

Hi Rani,

Stabul-1 is guaranteed to be 10% or less ESC+starch ALWAYS.  Neither of the TC products are similarly guaranteed.  The only thing that TC sells (which is actually not made by them) that is guaranteed to be 10% or less is the Timothy Balance Cubes which are made by Ontario Dehy.

Tina Beck

I DO have the Feed-list and chose Stabul 1.
I am aware that Triple crown Low Starch and Balancer are not on the list. 

Trying to compare the Stabul 1 to either of the Triple crown above- but reading the labels really does not 
Make much sense to me.

Why are TC  Low Starch and Balancer excluded from the safe feed list?
I am NOT!!! arguing! Just trying yo comprehend🫶.

Appreciate input!

Rani in NY 2022