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Shannon Ferrill

Hello, I’m looking for help with my mare. She was bred May 8, 2022. As she has gotten heavier she has shown a lot of signs of discomfort, X-rays were done and vet said to stop feed and just give alfalfa hay. She is also on Equinox daily. We were doing bute before. She also has pads and shoes on front feet. We are scheduled for another X-ray this Thursday and trimming /foot care etc. also plan to fit for soft boots. I’m very new at all this and need help please. Thank you
Shannon Hudson, in TX, 2023


Hi Shannon,
Just want to let you know I am a member of the group and went thru this with my in foal mare.  Chicy laid down for 5 weeks at 3 month in foal.  The advice of this group allowed me to help her get back on her feet, get thru her pregnancy, have her foal, nurse and be a good mom to her foal.  The baby was weaned at 6 months now 7 months old and my mare is doing great, running and playing in the pasture,  Just giving you some insight that this group has a lot of experience helping others and have case histories that back up their recommendations.  The first thing they will advise you to do is change the diet. That in itself will help get your mare more comfortable. The second thing is looking at her feet and seeing if they are been trimmed correctly. I actually had to change my farrier as my long time farrier refused to trim her feet the way they needed to be trimmed to get my mare comfortable and help her on the road to recovery.  I had her shoes pulled and learned to trim myself until I was able to find somone who could trim her the way she should be trimmed. This was all new to me.   I followed the recommendations and am so glad I did.  A lot of the things you are doing now I was doing. So, I had to change a lot and am glad I did.  Please feel free to reach out to me any time for support.  I am not an admin and I do not make recommendations to other members of the group.  But you and I have a common thread.  You can look at my pictures and case history if you like - the links are under my name.  I am having bloodwork done on my mare this week.  I will post her results when they are available. Good luck on your journey.  You will find a lot of caring people in this group who are very dedicated to helping people and horses.
Janet and Chicy
Chester SC