Kat vaccines and update ACTH test

Kirsten Rasmussen

If you plan to pull blood the same day, make sure you do it before any injections are given.

As for how soon you can pull blood after giving vaccines, I've never heard of that being an issue but I'd wait about 1 week anyways.  Keep in mind that if insulin is uncontrolled, you should minimize the number of vaccines you give at the same time, and try to space them out by a few weeks at a time.

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Sherry Morse


What 'kits' are you referring to?


Hey team.  I did a search but couldn’t get this answer.  Kat is getting his vaccines tomorrow.  Our plan was to update all his blood work beforehand to see if his prascend dosage was working but the kits didn’t come in.  How long (days) after vaccines should we wait to pull blood.
Carolyn, SC, oct 2022