Mattie - Resected small intestine due to a lipoma - hoping for some help from Dr. Kellon


Mattie had a lipoma that strangulated her small intestine.  She was taken to Ohio State University and had surgery on Saturday night.  They resected three feet of intestine.  She is still having gut motility issues, so the vets there are hesitant to feed her orally.  I did take a few bales of my tested hay (very soft 2nd cutting hay) when I took her up there. She is accumulating fluid in her cecum, and some also in her small intestine.  They are tubing out a few liters of reflux at least daily.

She was started on a prokinetic yesterday.  They know her history and know that it would be dangerous to put dextrose in her IV.  Is there anything safe Dr. Kellon can recommend that they can add to her IV?  She is interested in eating.  They allowed her to have a few strands of her hay this morning, and they are considering allowing a few small handfuls of hay today to see how she tolerates it.

I don't have a signature set up, but I put a link to her history below.  It's fairly accurate except for the recent events.

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

She shouldn't get a bolus of dextrose but a slow drip should be fine, along with amino acids and electrolytes.
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They are supposed to call me before anything is added to the IV.  I'll let them know what you said.  One thing I was going to ask them to do is check her insulin several hours after they start the changes to the IV to see if it's okay.

Thanks for your help!

Carol Broyles
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August 2007


Sending best healing wishes to Mattie and you, Carol. 
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Hi Carol,

I hope Mattie is doing better today.  My horse had a similar surgery at age 18, when a carcinoma was resected from his jejunum at Michigan State University.  He recovered and is still trail riding with me at 24 years old, cancer free!  Wishing for a positive outcome for her and you!

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It's with tears that I write this.  Each day post op that goes by, her ileus worsens, and I'm starting to lose hope she'll recover.  They are tubing 4-5 liters of reflux out every 4 hours.  She didn't tolerate the tiny amount of hay she got yesterday.

She recovered from severe laminitis two years ago.  She was back in work, and I was showing her again in the AHA Hunter division. I didn't have that in her case history, but she was doing really well before this happened.  Thanks for thinking of us. 

Carol Broyles
August 2007
Spring Valley, Ohio
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Nancy C

I'm so sorry Carol. Sending all my hopes for the best outcome. Hugs for your girl.
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Rooting for Mattie and you!
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Thinking positive thoughts for you Carol.
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Lesley Fraser

I’m so sorry to hear this - I’m keeping everything crossed for you and Mattie.

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Hoping the best for you and your girl.
Hope she’s better today.

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