New Bloodwork for Chicy


Hello Beautiful Members..  I just posted the latest bloodwork for Chicy. 

Her baby was weaned in December 2022 at 5 1/2 months old.  The next day Chicy was like a new horse playing and bucking with the other horses in the big pasture like her normal self before pregnancy.  She ran so hard she lost her boots in the pasture and has not needed them since. She even picks up her feet for me to clean. .She did spend some time in the beginning laying down sleeping with the other horses in the pasture which she did not get to do because baby Pep would climb all over her, She slept a lot the first couple of day.  She was exhausted and needed some much required rest.  When in foal and  after foaling (she was a great mom producing lots of milk and teaching her baby about life) Chicy was not her normal happy self.  It was like she just wanted to get thru each day.  She foundered at 3 months in foal and again at foaling and when she came home from the equine hospital where she was for 2 months to have her baby, she had white line disease on her front feet.  I was able to get that all cleared up while the baby was at her side but her feet still hurt - remember she gained around 400 lbs.  Immediately after foaling she lost 150 and the rest came off quickly.  She looks great and her weight is good for her.  She looked a little thin for a while but has filled our and has her figure back.   

Here are the numbers from Cornell.
Glu     108                  71-122 mg/dl
ACTH 25.6  pg/ml      2-30
Insulin 32.79 ulU/ml   10-40

I realize they are not perfect.  Blood was drawn non fasting at 9AM and it was 40 degrees. She is on no medications and has not been since April 2022.

Her feet still have some growing to do but a couple of more trims and I will take more ex rays and post them as well.

I kind of feel the chemicals given to her for AI and her toes being too long and being in foal are what caused the founder.  Then the vet thinking she foundered because she lost the foal and vet could not find the foal on 2 ultrasounds so they gave her an injection for expel the placenta (thankfully did not work)  laid her down for 5 weeks.  I just do not think she did well being in foal and being on her feet all the time while the baby was at her side. Right now she is doing great, looks great and has that light back in her eyes. I still have her on the diet but I let her go and come from pasture as she pleases.  Her barefoot trimmer says her feet are coming along really nicely  he is not a big talker so that says a lot to me.

I will default to the experts on if Chicy should be on pergolide again. Thank you to all who have been so patient with us and guided us through the past 17 months.

Janet and Chicy
Chester SC

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

My suggestion would be a TRH stimulation test.
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Sherry Morse

Hi Janet,

When was she fed before the bloodwork was done?  That insulin isn't crazy high but if she was 4 hours or more after a grain meal I'd definitely continue to treat her as IR.

Bobbie Day

Janet I’m so happy she’s doing well.
we need updated baby pictures 😊
You are another devoted horse mom ❤️

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Lesley Fraser

 Great news to hear that mum and baby are doing so well. What a journey you’ve been on…. Well done!

Lesley and over the bridge Omar,
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