Aggressive stallion behavior in PPID gelding

Karen Anderson

This week we had a terrifying incident with my 22 yr old PPID gelding. 

A little history:  Fhin displayed stallion-like behavior for the first time when I moved him last June to a new boarding facility. He is turned out in a private paddock with mares located in paddocks across the lane from him and one mare (who he doesn't engage with) next to him. The problem is not the mares but a younger gelding, whose paddock we must pass by in order to lead Fhin into the barn. 

On Monday, despite a chain over his nose, Fhin charged the younger horse, knocked me over when I tried to spin him away, broke down the fence and pursued the gelding, biting off piece of his blanket. By some miracle, both horses emerged sound and with minor cuts. I was hurt, but not badly. We clearly have an unsafe situation here, as there can be no rearranging of paddocks. The barn owner is urging me to find another boarding facility as she says she has done all she can.

My vet wants to start Fhin on Regumate. He is currently on Mare Magic.  I am wondering if a Depo injection might provide a more immediate answer. My vet is unhappy with Fhin's 5.5 mg compounded pergolide dose and she doesn't like compounded medications.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Karen and Fhinland in Maryland

Case Study:

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Do you have any insulin values beyond the one for 2020 in your history? If it is still low, you may get away with the progesterone treatment but if not it's risky and I know of mares that have foundered on Regumate. Is his ACTH controlled now?

The ideal thing would be Chastetree berry/Vitex, aka Monk's Pepper but that could interfere with pergolide. You could also try L-tryptophan at 500 to 1000 mg/day. This is a paste with 10,000 mg . You could mark off the plunger for 10 doses; five 500 mg doses in this one . You will know if it's going to work within hours of giving it.
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