Invonkana - how to feed it


We got Invonkana today.
He immediately snubbed his grain when the pill was in there and ignored the grain altogether. 
I'll try again and other options, but wondering,  if he continues to snub it, is this a med than be be crushed and given via a syringe; similar to metformin and keep its potency?
He has always been very very finicky. 
Thanks in advance.   
- Amy 10-2016

Mooresville, Indiana 

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So glad to hear your prescription arrived! Looking for mine soon.

 Invokana isn’t noxious like metformin.  I cut the tablet in half so it’s roughly same size as pellets. I hand-feed before hay or any feed first thing in the morning. Our routine is a tablespoon of Stabul1 with a sprinkle of CocoSoya Granular (smells like cookie crumbles). I’ve also used a handful of FORCO pellets instead, another favorite pellet here.
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