Weaning off of Previcox, trying EquiThrive

Sandy Carr

I am going to try to wean Andy off Previcox (for ringbone both front) by using EquiThrive. I know the resveratrol amount is not exceptional, HA is good -- but I've heard some very positive results from folks here who have tried the product and it worked great. 
First: Is there any contradiction drug-wise giving both of these products together? I don't want to just stop the Previcox cold turkey. I would use the weaning protocol I found somewhere in the group.
Secondly: As to WHEN to start the weaning process? I thought I would wait until I see a definite difference in his comfort level, meaning the EquiThrive was adding to the comfort of the Previcox. Does that make sense?
Thank you all for your time and sharing of knowledge.

March 2017, Onalaska, WA, USA

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LJ Friedman

also battling moderate ringbone and tried equithrive snd stopped the prevacox.    after a few weeks, i went back to the prevacox 
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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