Blood referents from Charlie


EMS test

Insuline 270.0mU/L
Glucose 3.7mmol/L
enzymatisch (hexokinase)
RISQI 0.06
MIRG -6759

ACTH  8.8 is the top of the range over here in the Netherlands referentie 3.3-8.8 

blood today from Charlie I try to  update case history but I don,t know how to do it, sorry
NL , EU 2022 

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

If you haven't tried her on metformin yet, now is the time. Her trim also needs a lot of work.
Eleanor in PA 
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Sherry Morse

Hi Gonnie,

As Dr. Kellon already said if she's not been on Metformin before now is the time to try it.  Also if the weather is cold (below 5C) I would make sure she has leg wraps and wool socks and boots on to help keep her warm.  Has the vet mentioned starting her on pergolide as well since her ACTH is so high?  That as well as the metformin might be helpful now.

As far as your case history - you need to edit the word document that you hopefully have saved on your device.  Once you have updated that document you would then save it as a PDF and upload the PDF to the website.


Thank you so much i will start today with Metformine , also i go monday to the vet for pergoline. Thank you. I wil upload the case history file this evening.

There is no feed what i give here what have to chance?

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NL , EU 2022