Cushings Info, Permax, Diabetes, Thyroid, & Diet

Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Hi Chris & List - Sounds like you've dug up alot of info about Cushings or
related info. Could you share with us where you found info? I've been
looking for something to read, but so far no luck, only bits and pieces.

Permax - I just got my first prescription and it was $105.50 for 100 .25mg
tablets delivered. From Athena RX Home Pharmacy 1-800-528-4362. My vet
called in a year's prescription and now I can just refill from them. A
little bit cheaper ($1.055/pill vs. $1.33/pill) but it adds up!

Diabetes: My vet didn't seem concerned about his diet and yet the one sign
she is strongly using is his sudden turn to drinking alot of water, eating
alot of salt, and peeing alot. Robin, sounds like I should be more
concerned about this and his sugar intake. Did your vet talk about this to

Thyroid: My horse was barely borderline here, but in talking with Linsey
McLean from VitaRoyal Products, I probably should put him on a low dose. He
shows the signs you mentioned Robin - "leave me alone attitude" (had this
when I bought him and just came back). Anyone else on thyroid - why and
what were the results?

Diet: My vet said nothing about changing his diet, but since I had changed
several things just before he starting his PUPD (I think that's the right
term for excessive urinating and drinking), I want to make sure I'm not
giving him drugs for one thing, while feeding him something that is
counterproductive! Anyway, from everyone's response I'll think I'll go
searching for another grass hay (He had stopped eating his timothy/grass mix
and was losing weight. I had added alfalfa back into his diet and recently
oat hay.) Linsey had said no grains (carbs I think were the problem in
general). A vet from Canada ( also says low carbs -
no grain. Anyone's thoughts on this? Has anyone tried ABC's Cushings

Robin - I just love this list! Having just been diagnosed I'm in my big
search for every detail mode! I would love to help you with the
questionnaire. What is your email address? Mine is

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends, also in CA - Davis area- where are
you Chris?