Selenium in the NW.

Carla Davis <lmdavis@...>

Hi Robin,
Yes we are a selenium deficient region. I am currently using a feed that is
specifically designed for the NW and supposedly researched, formulated and
recommended by Kentucky Equine Research. I don't really think that selenium
is the problem but one can never be certain.

Yes both WSU and OSU have vet schools with extensive Equine departments.

We're off this weekend to another clinic with the Olympic Dressage judge
that imported my old timer so many years ago. Should be fun. It'll be
interesting to see if she comments on the hind leg thing. So far, I've
ridden with her several times since last fall and she hasn't commented on
anything. After the clinic I think I'll bring out the Doctor (yet again:o)
and do some lameness checks. It can't hurt (well, except for my pocket

Will share the outcomes from both activities.