I just switched over to the liquid cyproheptadine this spring and I am hoping
that it works as well as the pills did. I know I have to shake the bottle
like crazy, and then I fear that I may be measuring foam, not all medicine.
Pandora and Sadie Mule are on 116 mg and 88 mg of cypro respectively, which
was 29 tabs and 22 tabs but now 1.2 cc and 0.9 cc of the liquid. The price
is right, the mixing is easier, but last time Pandora's hooves were trimmed,
she had a lot of those little old bloody specks in the separations of her
white line. Do you know what I mean? This is a 16 year old, small mule who
has had, I think well over 20 abscesses. I have actually lost count. It
seems we have a set pattern after almost every hoof trim. Even though I
cover her feet for about a week or so, she still often ends up with an
abscess, duct tape/pampers booties or not. Poor baby! The larger mule,
Sadie, seems a bit tender in all four right now, so I am watching her like a
hawk. Please keep us posted on how you do with the new liquid form of
Thanks and Good luck! Kay


And Hi, Kay in Fairbanks, I am Kay in Corning NY. I can be KP, since those
are my initials. Not a favorite duty in the military, but KP will do fine
for me!
KP, her 2 Cushingoid, and hypothyroid Mules, Pandora and Sadie, plus her
hypothyroid mini donkey, Daisy Mae -- Well, there has to be an easier way to
identify myself, that is almost a novel, isn't it?

Jeri Miller <tovero@...>

Hi everyone -

I have just joined the list and would like to introduce myself. I live in PA, and have two Paints - a three year old gelding (Phantom) and an 18 year old gelding (Hank). I show at both open and breed shows, and do everything - English, western, driving, games. I also do all of the riding and training myself - it's more rewarding that way!

Hank is my Cushings horse - through the keen eye of my former vet, we had him tested (insulin, cortisol and thyroid; not a true challenge test) after he absessed twice in a six month period, and his insulin level came back sky high. He has been on 64 mg of cyproheptadine twice a day for three years and is doing great - in fact, he shed out before my three year old this year!

We have had trouble getting cypro here also, and the price had gone to nearly $50 for 1000 tabs (a months supply), until my new vet found a source for a liquid cypro, at half the price of tablets. So far, so good - Hank is due to be tested soon.

I enjoy reading the posts and am learning more about this condition - thankfully, Hank's x-rays showed no rotation, he is sound in mind ??? :) and body so far, and is enjoying his semi-retirement as a lesson horse and trail horse.

Jeri Miller

Hank's homepage - "Driving In Color"
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Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Jeri and welcome to this helpful group of people. It sounds like Hank is
doing well in spite of the Cushing's. Good luck with keeping him happy and
healthy and sound. Kay in Fairbanks