introduction/the Kays

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Hi Kay in're sure earning your gold crown in heaven, as my
mother-in-law likes to say :0)...and I think I have a tough job with one
Cushingoid horse! I usually sign my e-name as Kay in AK, so you can be just Kay,
if you'd like. Good luck with all your health-challenged animals. Kay in AK

LNGERZ@... wrote:

And Hi, Kay in Fairbanks, I am Kay in Corning NY. I can be KP, since those
are my initials. Not a favorite duty in the military, but KP will do fine
for me!
KP, her 2 Cushingoid, and hypothyroid Mules, Pandora and Sadie, plus her
hypothyroid mini donkey, Daisy Mae -- Well, there has to be an easier way to
identify myself, that is almost a novel, isn't it?