Duh, ain't I brite?! Website link....

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Sorry about that everyone, I guess I had a short circuit between
brain and fingers! Here's the link, along with the text of Jos's
post from equine repro... This came from a discussion about thyroid
levels, which in the following posts got Ovuplant problems tied in,
so that's what he's referring to here... But the info is pretty
pertinent to some of what we're going thru...

OK, for those of you that INSIST on pursuing the low T4 theory
<grin>, here is a reliable web site (IMO), which also carries a
protocol for reversing the man-made creation of anestrus due to
using "Ovuplant". The site belongs to BET Labs, which is run by Dr.
Bob Douglas, who is probably the leading endocrinologist in NA today.

The URL is: <http://www.betlabs.com/page6.html>

I would recommend "surfing" around the rest of the site too, as there
is a host of reliable information available there.

Regards to all,

Jos Mottershead
Atlantic A.I. Services

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