Cypro vs. Pergo


Chris —

I believe your explanation on how Pergo and Cypro work to be correct. Cypro
is more of an antihistimine, while Pergo is a seratonin antagonist. BET Labs
actually faxed me some very interesting articles last week, and one does
mention using them in conjunction sometimes. It also said that's not
necessary with every horse.

I had a Cushing's screen pulled to send to BET yesterday. Was a bit dismayed
when I got the bill from my vet, though. The actual test only costs $75, but
my clinic charged $60 for the a.m. and p.m. farm calls (only about 2 minutes
each), and another $45 to package and send the blood. Total price was $180. I
just can't afford to do that often on top of all the meds, supplements, etc.
May have to brush up on my phlebotomy skills and do the draws myself!

Paula Brown
Poland, ME