Copywrite issue...


Thank you very much for your well written post. I must admit I was estatic to see the article posted, because I had been intending to try to search for something very much like it and then to put it up in shared files as a 'primer' for everyone on Cushings. I was glad, however, to hear from you and also to be reminded of copywrite issues, something in this day and age of internet it can be easy to have slip one's mind. So, what I will do is find the link over to the article itself, and post the link. I certainly won't forward it along elsewhere and ask that every one else please also respect Karen's very politely worded request in this regard.

What I would like very much to let all of you know, is that if you have or find articles (and get the author's permission, or even if you'd like to write one), I would be very very happy to review them and will seriously consider posting them to our shared files ALONG WITH BOTH CREDIT AND EVEN A REASONABLE LENGTH BIBLIOGRAPHY AND NOTICABLE COPYWRITE WARNING if desired.

Karen, we would LOVE to have any of your input along these lines, should you be so inclined. Your article, tho dated, is excellent and very much appreciated. I'm really looking forward to seeing your update -- do you know when it will come out in The Horse, and can we ask you to let us know once its out?

Again, thank you all for your input to the list -- its reassuring just knowing that all of you are here and that we have each other as resources in worrying about our horses with Cushings and their sometimes odd symptoms.

Robin (list owner)
Desert Springs Sport Horses
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