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Mary Goldy <rmgoldy@...>

Hi, i just found out about this page from Nora & Gary. I hope to be
able to learn some new stuff and maybe share some of my experiences
My 25 year old few spot leopard appaloosa gelding "Marvin" was
diagnosed with cushings about 10 months ago. Since then he has been
enroled in the Michigan State University Equine Cushings research
In this program our bloodwork is done at no charge and the Permax he
is on is discounted somewhat. In return MSU studies his progress thru
reports provided by my vet. As far as I know this program is only open
to those of us in Michigan.
Marvin has steadily improved in some areas since he started taking the
Permax. But he still has some problems like muscle wasting and hoof
problems. ie Founder. But thanks to the naturalhorsetrim e-group
founder Gretchen Fathauer's web site, he has been making progress
with his hooves too. For those of you who are dealing with founder and
laminitis you may want to check it out.
Looking foreward to exchanging info and ideas, etc.
Mary Goldy

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

Welcome aboard Mary!
Would you be willing to check for us to see if MSU would consider
horses from other states in their research? I'd very much appreciate
it if you'd be willing to ask and let us know. Regardless, very
happy to have you here, we can use all the input we can get! Any
tips or other management techniques the university suggests would be
of great interest to us...
Again, glad to have you!
Desert Springs Sport Horses
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